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The Restaurant

Good food, a dynamic atmosphere and a lot of fun are the 3 characteristics that distinguish Fabbrica in Pedavena in Levico Terme from any other restaurant in Trentino.

There is room for all kinds of appetites! An ideal location for your evenings with friends, for an informal lunch or dinner, for a night to celebrate a special event!

Well-known signatures of artisanal and fresh flavours of Trentino have chosen Fabbrica in Pedavena!
You can choose between the tasty pizzas of Mario’s and the simple and tasty dishes of Fabbrica in Pedavena, all accompanied by excellent Pedavena beers.

And after your meal … you can laugh and dance to live music, a DJ set and a cabaret!

Are you looking for a place that is different each night or to organise your party in Trentino?
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Fabbrica in Pedavena

Fabbrica in Pedavena lands in Levico, continuing the well-established tradition of the proposal of simple and tasty dishes but multiplying the selection by hosting in large and spectacular restaurants, big names of the Trentino catering.
There are many tasty traditional dishes waiting to be savoured until the last forkful!
But let’s not forget the beer… strictly handcrafted by the historical brand La Fabbrica in Pedavena.


Fabbrica in Pedavena

The renowned cuisine of Fabbrica in Pedavena with its tasty dishes, the great and authentic hamburgers and the selected meat from Trentino, is accompanied by the delicious and varied pizzas of Mario’s, made only with selected raw materials from 100% Italian producers.
The dough, which is light and fragrant, is made with type 1 flours that give it a unique texture and crunchiness! The whole wheat dough is also worth trying.